Friday night, August 31, 2012, around 8:30pm. I was watching tv with my parents when the ground suddenly shake. We look at to each other and knew that it was an earthquake. It was slow, smooth approximately 2 to 4 magnitude. We were not panicking ‘cause here in the Philippines, especially in my place, are prone to earthquake. Around us are fault lines, beside our place is the Bulusan Volcano, the other side is the Mayon Volcano and not to mention we are part of the so called “the ring of fire”. The weak quake lasted for almost I think 15 sec. when suddenly the intensity increases to almost 5 to 6 magnitude. That was insane! We are moving, the furnitures are moving, we can here foliage rubbing each other without the presence of the wind, the trees are moving (I have enough time to witness), the electric post are also moving, the wires are swaying and dogs are likely possessed or something. The peak lasted for more than 5 sec. and drop again to where it started. The entire quake lasted for almost a minute. That was the longest quake I’ve felt in my entire life! We were lucky ‘cause the center of the quake was far from us yet, we felt it strong. Later, the news came and the epicenter was on the seafloor. It was a magnitude 7.6 with a tsunami alert. The tsunami part scared me but the news said it was a meter high wave, it’s small but it’s still a tsunami.

This is very different from the other quake we felt the last time (forgot the year). It was around 6 - 7pm when dramatically, a magnitude 5 or 6 quake struck our place. That time, I was watching tv again, the first thing that happen is I heard utensils ringing like someone is playing with it. I didn’t felt it the first time ‘cause I was moving on my chair. And I noticed the door was shaking back and forth. I stand up bending my knee ‘cause I could fell on the insane shaking of the floor. I run outside and witnessed something unbelievable. Everything apart from me is shaking. The trees are dancing without the wind, rocks are also shaking, I can see houses moving back and forth, dogs are barking again and people in our neighbors are shouting, I can here children’s cry and I felt the movement of the soil around my feet. That was an unforgettable experience.